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May 1999 – May 2000          GFI Group [  New York, NY ]

Technical Manager

  • Architectural and technical design of electronically traded currency options system.
  •  Provide technical management and implementation of core framework for all of the components of currency option trading system.
  •  Technical management of GFI developers and outside consulting firms that were involved on various development projects.
  •  Technical design and implementation of the real time communication modules between web client and web server working around firewalls implementing HTTP tunneling and SSL. (technology used: IISAPI extensions, Java servlets, applets, RMI, Corbo and JMS)
  •  Technical design and implementation the key features of Electronic Pink sheets.
  •  Technical design and implementation of company’s Intranet.
  •  Implementation various network application such as currency volatility applications, automated mail notification services, automated ftp clearance routines, DCOM based MS SQL server notification utilities.
  •  Technical design and implementation of SelectNet API product, which implements NASDAQ CTCI interface.

Prior to Goldman Sachs experience

Senior Software Engineer

  •  Design and implementation of Java multimedia class library with support of: 2D image runtime animation rendering engine, NetGravity ad rotation and real-time news delivery engine.
  •  Design and implementation of chat bots to monitor and interact within MTV chat rooms.
  •  Development of the layout scripting language and user tool with a web interface supported by PERL CGI on the server side.
  •  Implementation of various Java client server application, build JDBC Java direct database connection, Java news tickers with real-time news delivery.
  •  Configuration and implementation of the additional CGIs for third party software to meet MTV web site needs such as iChat chat engine and Verity search engine.
  •  Implemented interactive MTV push channel supported by user information tracking server side CGI, various MTV web site support CGIs, MTV enhanced GUI for Intel Intercast Viewer.

May 1997 – May 1999          MTV Networks [  New York, NY  ]

Software Engineer

  •  Created MS SQL Server Internet database and the interface to it using: ODBC in C ++ as a server side CGI.
  •  Heavy Java development. Designed and implemented on-line games and multimedia applets.
  •  Coded extensively in C++ with MFC and Active X to build custom OLE controls, and ActiveX Control Pad.
  •  Wrote programs for dynamic generation of HTML scripts integrated with MS SQL database using ASP (Microsoft active server pages technology) and implemented interactive Web pages using JavaScript and VBScript technology.

Sep 1996 – May 1997          Engine-RDA [  New York, NY  ]

Manager of Information Systems

  •  Provided technical support for PC based RE/Locate brokerage service systems.
  •  Developed Windows application, reports and tools using Borland C and Visual Database 5.5.
  •  Designed and maintained a 50+ node Novell 4.1 network.  Supported Windows NT, Novell and LANtastic networks, solved complex network problems.  Performed various hardware and software installation, provided guidance and support to all members of the technical staff.

May 1995 – Sep 1996          Realty Information Tracking Services.  [  New York, NY]

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